TÜV Certificate / Certificats du service de contrôle technique


The Stahlbus Bleeder Valve was thoroughly tested by the TÜV Rheinland Group.

In one of the hardest salt spray tests, the corrosion resistance of the Stahlbus Bleeder Valve was proved - thus, it may also be used under hard winter conditions.

The strength of the Stahlbus Bleeder Valve was also proven in a torque test with excess load. However, this is no carte blanche for muscle men - please obverse at any rate the tightening torques indicated in the operating instructions.

And for your brakes to also sail in powerfully still tomorrow, an endurance test successfully simulated 125,000 full brake applications. Even after the last braking the Stahlbus Bleeder Valve continued to operate to its full extent.

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Gewindebestimmung Testreport  944-7119076 ... (pdf, 128 kB)