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The stahlbus® oil drain valve

The intelligent way to change your oil! Look how easy an oil change can be!

The patened stahlbus® oil drain valve


A conventional oil change usually results in oil spills and dirty hands. So, we developed the stahlbus system which allows you to carry out an oil change with speed, ease, safety and cleanliness.

The stahlbus®-oil drain valve is manufactured out of high-strength steel and can be used in any combustion engine. It can be easily exchanged for the original drain plug.

Anywhere an oil change is necessary - the stahlbus® oil drain valve is the ideal solution.

Components Included:

  • Valve body manufactured out of high-strength steel with copper sealing
  • Safety cap manufactured out of anodized aluminum
  • Highly flexible drain tube made from silicone (ca. 40 cm long)
  • Drain valve currently available in all thread sizes
  • Detailed instructions and manual


  • Extension tool
  • Race cap with safety wire holes

Blister packaging

Advantages at a glance:

  • Easy handling through quick connect
  • Tool free oil change
  • The oil drain fits tightly in the oil pan and cannot be lost
  • One time installation protects the thread in the oil pan
  • System controlled double outflow security (including the safety cap and valve)
  • Safety cap is secured with the valve body through the o-ring seal and cannot be lost
  • Controlled sampling and adjustments from the oil pan are possible
  • Use with a bleeding machine is possible

The construction

Product structure

A - Principle of the oil change

B - Driving condition

How it works


This is how to use it


The stahlbus®-oil drain valve takes the place of the conventional drain plug. For the oil change, you unscrew the safety cap and attach the quick connect with the drain tube. Once this is connected the valve opens and the oil starts flowing into the catch.

After disconnecting the drain tube, the valve closes automatically and you only need to install the safety cap.

Anywhere an oil change is necessary - the stahlbus® oil drain valve is the ideal solution.


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  • - Thread assignments (cars, bikes)
  • - Installations dimensions
  • - Operation manuals
  • - TÜV-Certificates


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Look how easy an oil change can be!

Step 1

Remove safety cap.

Step 2

Connect drain tube and turn a quarter turn to lock into place.

Step 3

Oil flows through drain tube.

Step 4

Disconnect drain tube with quarter turn and remove.

Step 5

Install safety cap.

Step 6

Ready to refill your oil!

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