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Each and every motorbike rider attaches great importance to braking performance. Our bleeder valve guarantees a stable pressure point and gives riders the peace of mind that they will come to a standstill safely and in good time. Fluid is now changed easily and without spillage or damage to threads thanks to the oil drain valve.


Our brake bleeder valve improves braking performance permanently and increases driving safety. The oil drain valve ensures a clean oil change without spillage or splashing and prevents thread damage – of special interest for classic car owners and enthusiasts. The new quick release coupling ensures both the rapid and safe replacement of brake system components during racing or on test rig applications for example.


The broad spectrum of hydraulic controls found within the aerospace industry demand absolute system reliability. The less air trapped in a system the safer and more efficient is the function of brakes, steering gear and all other hydraulically operated equipment.


Stahlbus products simplify, accelerate and make changing oil and lubricants, such as hydraulic oils, cleaner and splash-free. For example, typical applications include hydraulic units in CNC turning and milling machines, presses, injection moulding machines and bottling plants in the food industry.


Water and oil should never come into contact with one another. Since environmental regulations will become increasingly strict and restrictive to prevent pollution of natural water resources, our oil drain valve is perfectly suited for marine use. Changing oil has never been more simple, clean and safe and without risk to the environment!

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