Product overview of the Bleeder valves

The patented stahlbus® bleeder valve is available in different designs. The valve consists of the adapter part (lower part) and the actual valve (top). In the various types of construction, the adapter only (lower part) are different. For the industrial sector we have, depending on the used medium, special O-rings, such as Viton for hydraulic oil.

Bleeder valve with conical sealing base (standard type for most bleeding brakes / clutches)

Bleeding brakes
Titanium and nickel-plated steel as a replacement for the standard bleeder screw in following thread sizes:

M6x1, M7x1, M8x1, M8x1.25, M10x1, M10x1.25, M10x1.5, 1/4 inches, 3/8 inches, 5/16 inches

Titanium in thread sizes: M7x1, M8x1.25 and M10x1


Bleeder valve with flat sealing base

Bleeding brakesNickel-plated steel with thread size M12x1
(Especially for rear brake calipers (Brembo) BMW and KTM).

This design is also used in many industrial applications such as in injection molds. Especially for repair purposes, we also have a version in M7x1 and M10x1. This allows for example to repair  demolished original bleeder screws M6x1.



Bleeder valve built  in a banjo bolt

Bleeding brakes banjo boldAnodized aluminum in thread sizes:

  • M10x1 (natural, blue, gold or black),
  • M10x1.25 (natural),
  • 3/8 Zoll (natural or black),
  • 7/16 Zoll (natural)



Bleeder valve built  in a double banjo bolt

Bleeding brakes double banjo bold
anodized aluminum in thread sizes:

M10x1 (natural or black),
M10x1.25 (natural),
3/8 Zoll (natural or black)





Dust cap "Groove"

Bleeding brakes

CNC precision turned parts made of anodized aluminum with silicone insert for tightness (captive)
Stahlbus ® on all bleeder valves.

Design: Groove

Available colors:
- Anthracite
- Blue
- Gold
- Green
- Natural
- Red
- Nickel plated (chrome effect)
- Black

Auxiliary vacuum filling and bleeding device


Bleeding brakes bleeding device

You want to find a quick, simple and clean way of refilling your hydraulic brake / clutch system?

Then you may go and buy an expensive vacuum bleeder device. Or you may use our simple auxiliary refill and bleeder device.

New filling / Bleeding / Change of Brake fluid

Just fill your compensating reservoir with the hydraulic liquid and suck the liquid into the brake / clutch system with the vacuum bellows. Then quickly bleed  the system with the stahlbus® Bleeder Valve, and then you may start again. With that, also the last drop of brake fluid finally remains where it belongs - in the hose. It is a very good tool for bleeding brakes / clutches and for the filling and washing the brake / clutch or hydraulic lines.

Content: vacuum bellows 50ml or 150ml, hose adapter, approx. 30cm transparent silicone hose

Connecting tool

Bleeding brakes connection toolFor the absolute tight connection of filling and bleeding equipment to the Stahlbus bleeder valves we have developed in collaboration with the well nowned producer HAZET a connecting tool.

This tool sits absolutely tight on the patented stahlbus® bleeder valve.

With a torque wrench you can close and open the valve.

When removing the tool the built-in check valve prevents leakage of fluid from the connected hose.

This tool is designed specifically for professional workshops and industrial applications and designed for continuous use such as bleeding brakes and clutches. Unfortunately it is currently out of stock. We don't know when it will be available again.HAZETBleeding brakes connection tool











Here you can see the Online-Brochures:


Here you can download and print the PDF-brochure.



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