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    100% Brake performance - The stahlbus®-Bleeding System for Bleeding brakes, clutches or any other hydraulic system

    What use is the most advanced braking system when the braking performance is strong affected by air in the system and in extreme cases can lead to total failure? Here is our approach to 100% brake power. For the first time the patented stahlbus ® bleeding system allows an air-free filling of hydraulic systems such as brakes and clutches. Improve your brake performance by using our products. The exact way you see here. You can easily bleeding brakes, clutches or any other hydraulic system with one person.


    Bleeding brakes

    How old is your brake fluid?

    Brake fluid is a safety-relevant wear part. This is a fact only a few people are aware of. It should be changed at the latest every two years. Similar to the brake pads and brake disks, the brake fluid contributes essentially to the braking power. Old brake fluid may be compressed and may thus lead to brake failure. New brake fluid maintains the pressure.

    The innovative stahlbus® Bleeder Valve allows you to change the brake fluid yourself without assistance and in a very simple way. Clean, absolutely safe and requiring only
    a few steps. The innovative aspect of it: The stahlbus® Bleeder Valve tightly seals the relevant brake or clutch during the bleeding process!

    The stahlbus® Bleeder Valve was thoroughly tested by the TÜV Rhineland Group (Technical Inspection Agency). With best results. Because the brake fluid is as
    decisive for the brake application as are brake pads and brake disks! The most expensive and state-of-the-art braking system does not make any sense if there
    is air in the system.

    For this reason, our stahlbus® bleed system is also successfully used in motor sports and aviation.


    As simple as it´s brilliant: stahlbus® principle

    Bleeding brakesThe constant opening and closing of conventional bleeder screws during the bleeding brakes process wears the aluminum thread in the cylinder (e.g. of the caliper) in such a way that clearances start to appear with time. At the worst, the cylinder may become defective. Another disadvantage is that the thread of an opened bleeder screw does not seal.

    The stahlbus® Bleeder Valve is different, because it consists of two parts with a non-return function. During bleeding brakes, clutches or any other hydraulic system and filling, only the upper part with the integrated O-ring seal is unscrewed. This prevents both air and brake fluid or hydraulic fluid to ingress through the opened thread. In addition, it is no longer necessary to open and close the system synchronously due to the non-return valve. In case of pressure loss the Stahlbus® Bleeder Valve closes independently until the next bleeding pressure is built up.

    Thus, the complete system bleeding is achieved within minutes. Single-handedly, without assistance.

    Hydraulic systems are easily changed to our stahlbus® bleed system by replacing the former bleeder screw by the stahlbus® bleeder valve. It is inserted into the cylinder once and remains there. Afterwards you can immediately bleeding brakes, clutches or any other hydraulic system with our stahlbus® Bleeder valve.


    Here you can see the Online-Brochures:



    Here you can download and print the PDF-brochure.

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