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    The Workshoplift

    We have completely redesigned our new Workshoplift for motorcycles. The statics were revised and the design changed in many places. The new maximum lifting capacity is now a record-breaking 650 kg. With the help of modern FEM analysis technology, the statics were checked and redesigned based on the knowledge gained. The result is the new double-column construction with spindle drive and gearbox. In the first step, there will only be two variants that lift motorcycles with a beam, such as Harley Davidson, and a device that can be used to lift and mount wheels. Further adaptations are in the works and will be launched over the next year. The basic construction of the jack always remains the same. Only the adaptation of the "fork mount" is newly developed in each case.


     FEM Analytic of the Workshoplift


     Workshoplift with device for motorcycles


    Workshoplift with device for wheels


    With the new Workshoplift makes working on motorcycles a breeze. Simply drive your motorcycle steplessly to the optimum working height. The new drive is controlled via a gearbox that can be connected to a conventional cordless screwdriver. The four swivel castors make it easy to maneuver even in confined spaces. Of course, this is also very practical when storing away for the winter, for example to relieve the tires and to maneuver the motorcycle into a corner to save space.

    Raise the motorcycle completely for work e.g. B. on the exhaust system, the clutch, the alternator or the engine or when changing a complete wheel. Here you can lift the motorcycle up to 60 cm. The workshop lift can lift the motorcycle so that both the rear and the front wheel can now be removed. Working on the brake system, when changing a wheel, on the fork or on the steering head bearing is no longer a problem.

    Even very low-lying frames can be raised 10 cm above the floor.

    The optionally available fastening kit with two airline rails and lashing straps makes lifting even safer. This safety measure is particularly useful because the center of gravity shifts during lifting, especially when wheels are removed and installed.


    The advantages of the workshop lift at a glance:

    • Universal jack for all motorcycles with undercarriage frames
    • Pleasant working height freely adjustable Lifting device powered by a standard cordless screwdriver for problem-free wheel installation and removal, for example
    • Can be used anywhere, independent of the power supply
    • Easy maneuvering even in tight spaces thanks to the four castors
    • Simultaneous wheel change (front + rear) possible compared to conventional platforms and jacks Simple and practical maintenance work is possible, e.g. engine adjustment, especially on machines without a main stand, as the motorcycle is stored straight
    • Practical accessories available for all maintenance work, such as storage table, magnetic screw plate and much more.
    • New construction with a double column for a robust and stable lifting function thanks to the complex FEM method.
    • This allows loads of up to 650 kg to be lifted without any problems.


    Technical data for the Workshoplift:

    • Own weight: 38 kg
    • Max lifting weight: 650 kg
    • max. stroke: 60 cm
    • Main column material: steel
    • Material boom: steel
    • Surface of steel parts: powder-coated
    • Operation: via connected cordless screwdriver (not included)
    • Lowest lifting position: 10 cm

    Here you can see videos on assembly and operation of the Workshoplift:

    Video to the assembly of the Workshoplift

    Video to the application of the Workshoplift

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