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    Bannerfeld-Engineering-150pxThrough our long experience in the development of our products, we are aware of the multifaceted applications that are not can be mastered with standard products. In the simplest case it is just an exotic thread or a special material. But very frequently the requirements go quickly about such simple adjustments.

    So our products are not only used in the automotive sector, but also used f.e. in hydroelectric power plants, home plants, in aircrafts, satellite units, in robot controllers, in gas turbine gears, in injection molding machines, lathes, etc..

    Thus, the list could continue indefinitely lead. It has been shown that our products are universally applicable and our customers have always found new uses. One of our special features is the possibility that we can offer the production of prototypes over medium to large series everything from a single source to mass production in the sense of a best-price strategy.


    Therefore, we not only sell our standard products, but bring in our know-how in development projects. Firstly, there are major adjustments to our existing products and others are completely new developments.

    Here come us our over 20 year old experience in the field of factory planning to Good.

    If you have a specific task, please contact us. We're looking for an economically sensible solution approach.


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