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    Our brake bleeder valve improves braking performance permanently and increases driving safety. The oil drain valve ensures a clean oil change without spillage or splashing and prevents thread damage. The quick release coupling ensures both the rapid and safe replacement of brake system components during racing.




    Oil drain valve – installation

    At the next oil change simply unscrew the original drain plug and replace with the stahlbus drain valve.

    Audi A3 Racing

    Thanks to the stahlbus bleeder valve find and use exactly the same braking point every lap.

    Porsche GT

    A beautiful car with an ugly rubber dustcap! Time for a change?



    Each and every motorbike rider attaches great importance to braking performance. Our bleeder valve guarantees a stable pressure point and gives riders the peace of mind that they will come to a standstill safely and in good time. Fluid is now changed easily and without spillage or damage to threads thanks to the oil drain valve.




    Oil drain valve

    Simply drain the oil without spilling directly into the collecting vessel via a hose. Never again damage the oil pan thread when tightening the old drain plug. Thanks to the one-time installation of the stahlbus oil drain valve, every oil change succeeds without leaving any traces of oil.

    Quick disconnect coupling

    In racing, especially on long distances, you have to quickly change a complete brake caliper with new pads without subsequently bleeding the brakes again. This is where the stahlbus quick-disconnect coupling helps without air entering when coupling in or out.

    Bleeder valve

    Our standard, multi-purpose product – the stahlbus bleeder valve. Change brake fluid easily, safely without spillage and more specifically completely free of air! Of course, this also helps if you have converted from rubber to steel braided lines. Bleeding is then much easier and better than with the conventional method.



    Aviation The broad spectrum of hydraulic controls found within the aerospace industry demand absolute system reliability. The less air trapped in a system the safer and more efficient is the function of brakes, steering gear and all other hydraulically operated equipment.




    Our exclusive partner TOST

    TOST Flugzeuggerätebau, based in Munich, is the exclusive distributor of our products in the aviation industry.

    Production line applications

    Well-known glider manufacturers Stemme, Schempp-Hirth and Alexander Schleicher use stahlbus bleeder valves as standard equipment.

    Endurance testing

    The stahlbus bleeder valve also reveals no weaknesses under the toughest conditions.



    Stahlbus products simplify, accelerate and make changing oil and lubricants, such as hydraulic oils, cleaner and splash-free. For example, typical applications include hydraulic units in CNC turning and milling machines, presses, injection moulding machines and bottling plants in the food industry.




    CNC turning and milling machines

    Stahlbus oil drain valves also ease the regular changing of oil on all types of machining centres.

    bottling plants

    The bottling of food in particular demands clean solutions when bleeding pipes and lines. Our titanium products are perfectly suited for special requirements

    Hydraulic installations

    The stahlbus product range provides crucial benefits during servicing and maintenance where the convenient and rapid disconnection of pipes is made without fluid loss.



    Since environmental regulations will become increasingly strict and restrictive to prevent pollution our oil drain valve is perfectly suited for use with marine vessels. Changing oil can now be made completely clean and without risk of pollution.




    Changing engine oil

    Changing engine oil without spillage on a boat is often very difficult due to the confined space. Our oil drain valve is a great help – particularly when used in connection with an external pump.

    Topping-up gearbox oil

    Adding gearbox oil is often difficult to accomplish. For this purpose oil can be added using our oil drain valve with or without external pump.

    Fuel and cooling water pipes

    Stahlbus quick release couplings ensure the splash-free and clean separation of cooling water and fuel pipes when carrying out repair or maintenance work on engines.

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