May I continue to use my jam jar?

Jam jar vs. bellows


Of course you can bleed your brake system with your conventional equipment.

However, the advantage of our bellows with its respective silicone hose is that the hose connects firmly and perfectly to the nipple. The hose was designed particularly for our products. Customary PVC hoses will harden by the time and will then tend to drop off the nipple. Our silicone hose is made of long-living material, and owing to its consistency, it perfectly fits the nipple.

Particularly for the first filling our bellows is of interest because it makes the often expensive vacuum pump superfluous. As our bleeder valve perfectly seals the braking system, you merely need this simple device to build up enough vacuum. However, the bellows is also a good means for bleeding the system as it may also serve as collecting container and cannot be knocked over like the customary jam jar. In addition, also the last drop of brake fluid is extracted from the upper part of the valve.




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