Does the stahlbus Bleeder valve also fit into my vehicle

At present the stahlbus® Bleeder Valve is available in all current thread sizes (M6x1, M7x1, M8, M10x1, M12x1 ...). Now, also the inch thread sizes (3/8", 1/4", 5/16" NPT 1/4", ...) are available which fit nearly all Harley Davidson models and, of course, also many english oldtimers. We are currently developing more special thread sizes.

Application assignment lists

A list with all known assignments for motorcycles can you find here.

A list with all known assignments for cars can you find here.


If you do not find your vehicle in our lists, there are some empirical data to determine the correct thread. For motorcycle, there are a limited number of manufacturers. Some manufacturers can directly indicate the correct thread size.The following experience, we have been able to gather:            

  • Tokico ->  M7x1,0x16mm
  • Nissin -> M8x1,25x16mm
  • Brembo mainly M10x1,0x16mm, since 2003 also M8x1,25x16mm (oldtimer M6x1,0x16mm)
  • ISR Brakes (Sweden) ->  M8x1.0x12mm / M8x1.0x16mm   
  • Spiegler M8x1,0x16mm (Special thread size)
  • Grimeca, M10x1x16mm / M8x1,25x16mm /M8x1x16mm, Note: The ball under the original screw must be removed!
  • Sumitomo -> M8x1,25x16mm
  • HE calipers HE-40 M10x1x14mm (f.e.. for BMW R 100 GS)

Should we sometimes be wrong, we will exchange incorrectly ordered products for free! Please let us know in this case, your vehicle model, year of manufacture and the installation location (rear, front, clutch, pump).


Sometimes there are (f.e. by Brembo) calipers, which have a banjo bold with an integrated bleeder valve (see picture). In the case of a brembo calipers this is most the thread size M10x1.In Japanese calipers the thread M10x1, 25 is used normaly. The banjo bolt has two variants with a single and a double banjo for the connection of one or two brake lines.

Bremse entlüften

Determining the right thread size

If you are in doubt, you may download a thread template and measure which size is the correct one for your purposes.

To do this, remove the rubber cap completely and measure the diameter of the thread that always stands out a little bit of the caliper.From the diameter can then be partially close to the thread. For metric threads, it looks like this:

  • 5,xx mm -> M6x1,0
  • 6,xx mm -> M7x1,0
  • 7,xx mm -> M8x1,25 (selten M8x1,0)
  • 9,xx mm -> M10x1,0

Bremse entlüften


If you cannot find the size you need, please do not hesitate to contact us.


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