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Press Release and Brochures

Here you may download press releases on the stahlbus Bleeder Valve. To download the files to your PC, simply click on them or click on your right mouse button "Save under ...":


Flyer-100px stahlbus-Bleeder valve english, 2012 ... (2.414kB)

 Flyer-100px stahlbus-Oil drain valve english, 2012 ... (2.010kB)

Flyer-100px stahlbus-Bleeder valve german, Stand 2012 ... (1.327kB)


Flyer-100px stahlbus-Oil drain valve german, Stand 2012 ... (1.119kB)


Flyer-100px stahlbus-Bleeder valve french, Stand 2013 ... (1.159kB)


Flyer-100px stahlbus-Oil drain valve french, Stand 2013 ... (960kB)

Flyer-100px stahlbus-Bleeder valve spanish, Stand 2013 ... (2.923kB)


Flyer-100px stahlbus-Oil drain valve spanish, Stand 2013 ... (2.683kB)

Stahlbus-Prospekt Stahlbus-Brochure, 10/2009 ... (334kb)

Press Release

Syburger-12-2014Syburger, Motorrad-Szene 12/2014 ... (1.057kb)

Circuit-02-2013 Circuit, Fachmagazin für Hobbyracer, 3.13... (1.095kb)

Bericht_Audimobil_24h_2013 Audimobil, Bericht 24h Rennen Team Tuning Akademie 2013... (2.7876kb)

Syburger-2013-04 Syburger, Motorrad-Szene 04/2013... (1106kb)

Circuit-02-2011 Circuit, Fachmagazin für Hobbyracer 02/2011 ... (1.569kb)

British-Classics-2011-04 British Classic 04/2011 ... (1.392kb)

Syburger-2011-05 Syburger, Firmenporträt Ausgabe 05/11... (1040kb)

Circuit-01-2011 Circuit, Fachmagazin für Hobbyracer, 1.11 ... (994kb)

Syburger-2011-03 Syburger, Ausgabe 03/11... (912kb)

Motorsportguide-12-2010-dtsch-engl motorsport-guide, Rennsporttechnik 12/2010 (d/engl)... (1.245kb)

Motorsportguide-10-2010-italienisch motorsport-guide, Spezial, italienisch, 10/2010... (1.097kb)

Presseberichte Circuit, Fachmagazin für Hobbyracer, 3.10 ... (968kb)

Presseberichte Tourenfahrer, Testbericht Ölablassventil 9.10 ... (1.289kb)

 Presseberichte Circuit, Fachmagazin für Hobbyracer 2.10 ... (1.030kb)

Presseberichte Motorrad, Ausgabe 10/2010 ... (2.221kb)

Presseberichte Fastbike, Ausgabe Juni-August 2010 ... (1.241kb)

Presseberichte motorsport-guide, Rennsport-Technik, 6/10 ... (1.143kb)

Presseberichte motorsport-guide, Rennsport-Technik, 3/10 ... (1.242kb)

Presseberichte Circuit, Fachmagazin für Hobbyracer, 1.10 ... (1.604kb)

Presseberichte Syburger, Ausgabe 03.10 ... (1.422kb)

Presseberichte WAZ, Hattinger Chefs, Ausgabe 14.01.2010 ... (421kb)

Presseberichte Tourenfahrer, Testbericht, Ausgabe 06/2009 ... (2.018kb)

Presseberichte Syburger, Bericht, Ausgabe 05/2009 ... (900kb)

Presseberichte Syburger, Bericht, Ausgabe 03/2009 ... (2.500kb)

Presseberichte Mover, Bericht, Ausgabe 03/2009 ... (430kb)

Presseberichte Syburger, Testbericht, 10/2008 ... (1.430kb)

Presseberichte Dream Machines, Testbericht, 7/2008 ... (2.739kb)

Motorrad News Bike & Business, Ausgabe 04/2008 ... (1.736kb)


Circuit 1/2008 Circuit, Fachmagazin für Hobbyracer 1.08 ... (1.063kb)

Motorrad News Motorrad, Ausgabe 04/2008 ... (1.368kb)

Motorrad News Bike & Business, Ausgabe 02/2008 ... (1.454kb)

Motorrad News Fighters, Ausgabe 03/2008 ... (1.368kb)

Motorrad News Stadtspiegel Hattingen, 20.02.2008 ... (743kb)

PS 3-2008 PS, Ausgabe 03/2008 ... (1.433kb)

M0 8-2003 Mo, Ausgabe 03/2008 ... (1.445kb)

Motorrad News Motorrad News, Ausgabe 11/2007 ... (1.445kb)

Nuerburger 10/2007 Nürburger, Ausgabe 10/2007 ... (718kb)

biker Szene biker Szene, 10/2007, 13. Jahrgang ... (1.479kb)

bike und business bike und business, 10, Oktober 2007 ... (1.295kb)




Latest News

Online Shop with new design


Today our new online shop (www.stahlbus.de) is going  live. In addition to many small improvements was thought specifically to the mobile users and the design optimized accordingly.     We hope you enjoy...

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Schrauberkurs zum Thema Ölwechsel


In seinem neuen Schrauberkurs rund um den Ölwechsel beschreibt Ralf Petersen alles was man wissen muss, um erfolgreich einen Ölwechsel durchzuführen. Er gibt auch wichtige Grundlagen zum Schmiersystem und den verschiedenen...

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New car application database for bleeder valves


Thanks to our database, which has already been used with the oil drain valves, approx. 9,000 assignments of our bleeder valves to passenger cars are now available. This database replaces...

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Why does the dust caps don't keep on the bleeder…


When the caps are placed, the enclosed air is pressed into the upper part of the valve. If liquid is still present, an overpressure develops and the caps fall off...

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stahlbus exhibiting at the SEMA in Las Vegas in 2016


From 01. to 04. November, one of the largest auto shows held in the United States. Stahlbus will be here for the first time as an exhibitor. The first three...

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New product - the stahlbus special hose fur use in…


Many vehicle manufacturers install the fuel pump directly into the fuel tank. Especially for this application you need a special hose, which is resistent against fuel and not dissolve themselve...

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stahlbus represented by Wagener Hydraulik at the Agri Technica


For the first time our products are issued at the Agri technica 2015 by our partner Wagener Hydraulic GmbH in Hannover from 10. up to 14. November. Especially in agriculture our...

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